It was probably back in 1994, when my husband Frank mentioned that he thought he'd have more fun on vacation doing sketches instead of taking photos. (We both had 35mm cameras, and the duplication of equipment and effort was getting exhausting.) I asked about color and he said he didn't need anything fancy, a kids' watercolor kit, eight colors would be plenty. He's since said it's one of the best presents I ever gave him.

He usually starts with an ink sketch, then adds in color, balancing the paintbox on whatever surface is handy (sometimes I have to hold it for him). His favorite subjects are animals and birds. We've gone drawing at the zoo, the Lane County Fair, the Black Sheep Gathering.

I don't remember when we thought of combining his watercolors with my handmade paper, color photocopies, trimmed and pasted on notecards. They were an instant hit that Holiday Market; one lady bought a dozen of them, and said she was going to frame them and give them as Christmas presents to her grandchildren. They're fun to make, too, matching colors and textures between the artwork and the paper.

Watercolor Notecards; (4.25 x 5.5")......$ 5, in a wide variety of patterns, including Alpacas, Appaloosa Foal, Apple Blossoms, At the Buffet, Barn Owl, Bed Cats, Beefers, Boer, Bull Calves, Cat Naps, Catscape, Clowns, Clutter of Piglets, Dwarf Netherlands, Ewe So Fluffy, Forty Winks, Goldfinches, Goldfin-ger, In the Hutch, Jack, A Kid Just Like Mom, Koi Polloi, Leslie's Lambs, The Long and the Short of It, Longhorn, Madonna, Meadow, Nanny, Peacock Blue, Pink Flamingos, Poppies, Princess, Ram's Horn, Rhododendrons, Rock Dove, Rules the Roost, Sentinel, Silver Lace, Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Dogs Lie, Spotted Lop, Swainson's Hawk, Wild Iris.